Pushing the Envelope with Vera John and Bitcoin

The last 12 months has seen a single bitcoin range in value from $12 to about $1,100. This is then kind of fluctuating that puts the stock on fire and erupts the stock market towards a flurry. This has been exactly what happened, mostly, during the course of bitcoin’s last year in the spotlight. But bitcoin has flattened a bit. The initial buzz was worked itself out of the system, and long term investors are turning towards bitcoin’s stability as a good sign of things to come. One particular igaming platform made an interesting move this year.

Igaming leaders Vera John have accepted bitcoin into their platform. Players can now play with their bitcoin on the website. The intriguing thing here is that Vera John did not set up a separate place for bitcoin players to go. They also did not create separate games. What exists now is a platform for both cash players and bitcoin players. The same games exist for both, which is a major reinvention of what any other igaming platform has done so far.

This could be a huge move towards Vera John stepping forward into new successful terrain in the market. But it also speaks a lot for their confidence of bitcoin. This is a digital currency innovation that has stood the test of time. But more time will tell if bitcoin can become more than just an oddity in the web economy. The online casino is pushing the envelope, thankfully, and may propel the famous currency to a whole new level of success.