In 2020 We’ll All Be Buying 3D Printed Goods With Bitcoins, Right?

The future’s bright, the future’s… coin shaped! When you think about the future, it seems so far away, and many of us prefer to live in the moment. But, 2020 is actually only three years away, and that 3 years will be here in no time. So, it’s important to think about how the future might look then, and what we can expect from the digital landscape.

One thing is sure, technology will have advanced considerably by that stage. We seem to be making inroads with modern tech even quicker than we ever have before. And this is something that it’s important to make sure we embrace. There are two major developments in technology that will become bigger over the next few years: 3D printing, and Bitcoin.

3D printing is the process of building materials and products via 3D printing. It’s something that is likely to revolutionise the healthcare and manufacturing industries and help cut costs. Also, more recently, we have seen 3D printing used for building houses! Pretty soon there will be nothing that can’t be done through the use of 3D printing, and it will hugely benefit all areas of our lives.

Another thing we can be sure of by 2020 is the fact that Bitcoin will be a major force. The digital cryptocurrency is one of the emerging currencies in the world right now. It has risen in strength and popularity, and pretty soon could even become the dominant form of currency. In a few years, it’s pretty likely that people will be using Bitcoin to make purchases, especially big ones.

So, will we all be buying 3D goods using Bitcoin is just a few short years? Well, this depends largely on what 3D products are available, and how many of us have access to Bitcoins. The value of Bitcoin has increased a lot, and some people might find it too expensive to invest in them.

However, as Bitcoins become more mainstream, and more a part of the economy, we might find we have better access to them. Furthermore, it’s likely we will get to a point where almost everything is made using 3D printers, and this is going to make things much simpler and more effective.

So the definitive answer is most likely that some of us will be buying the limited 3D printed goods that are available with Bitcoins. The rest of us will have to watch and wait, and make sure we see what happens in the years to come.